Monday, October 25, 2010

Do you know what I miss the most?  It's walking through the door, turning down the hallway, hear  you call my name and when I stand in the doorway of your room you ask, "What's wrong?"  Immediately I'm wondering 'how did you know?' 

The stubborn rebel within me would never want to admit a weakness, but the child within me can't help but want to unburden myself; to lay my problems down.  How I long for such moments again.  Especially now.

Everywhere I turn I am met with decisions that I just don't want to be responsible for, people that I don't know if I should help or walk away from, events that appear to be overwhelming, but they may just be obstacles that I must overcome.

If tonight I close my eyes, and listen very intently will you whisper across the universe and ask, "What's wrong?" Then with a look and intensity that you know so well, I would say, "Oh dad, what isn't wrong?" And then I would will the universe to allow you to answer me.

I await your response.

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